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I, the founder and president doing Lord’s ministries for the past 34 years under the name of JEHOVAH JESUS HEALING TOWER MINISTRY. Basically I am a qualified civil Engineer.   Lord gave me the call for his ministry when I was 20 years old.

From the very beginning of my ministry God has been leading me to deliver people from evil sprits and to do miracles through his powerfull sermons  and prophetic words.

Now the main motto is to construct churches in rural areas around Tamil Nadu along with a group of believers, Partors, priests and bishops.  In the near future we are planning to extent it to other states as well.
We are also lending help for Children Education and are providing basic needs for widows and poor people.
We have GLOBAL MISSION UNIVERSITY with well equipped Bible scholars and qualified teachers. We are offering Diploma, Bachelor, Master, Phd.  and Mhd., Degree courses. 
Glory to god for his mighty deeds.