Monday, October 11, 2021

What you need to know: Pfizer lowers risks in people at risk of death from cancer and heart disease

Pfizer Lifestyle Shots Raises Cancer Risk in Dogs

Pfizer is getting ready to expand its Lifestyle Shots program for older and at-risk Americans, after the Food and Drug Administration approved the new option that could help prevent death from cancer or heart disease.

The drugmaker submitted an application to the FDA in 2017 and the FDA said Monday that it approved the first medication for people aged 70 and older who are at a high risk of developing advanced colorectal cancer or heart disease due to an inherited condition. The agency said that a similar drug, Xtandi, approved for the same patients, showed a slightly increased risk of developing cancer compared with placebos.

Lifestyle shots work by blocking tumor growth by inhibiting proteins involved in tumor cell growth and survival. The pills Pfizer is planning to expand are a combination of B-vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants aimed at boosting aging muscle and bone density.

The new Xtandi and Pfizer drug combo is the latest experimental medication for older and at-risk Americans. A different company plans to bring cholesterol-lowering injected into markets in the coming months.

“Millions of Americans are at risk of developing serious diseases that are frequently fatal,” Dr. Steven Galson, chief of preventive cardiology at Harvard Medical School and chair of the FDA’s division of cardiology products, said in a statement. “This approval and the continued development of new treatments will make a difference for many people, some of whom would not otherwise have survived long enough to develop these conditions.”

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