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What Do You Know, Kristin? Ask My Little Bunny? The Government

What Do You Know, Kristin? Ask My Little Bunny? The Government Spy Plane Used In BLM Protests Across The Country

Over the weekend, I was the recipient of a series of emails from someone named Erin or Shelley. These appear to be friends of friends who have fallen victim to the numerous scandals that have plagued the FBI in recent months.

This past summer, I had been following on a daily basis the many allegations of election interference that led to the firing of James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and a wholesale and blatant defection from the FBI against the Kremlin and its allies like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Over the past two years, the mainstream media and some members of the FBI had been touting the idea that President Trump had been working for the Russians in the 2016 election. This “obvious collusion” was the ultimate red herring, with the FBI’s mission being what it has always been – counter-intelligence.

Beginning early in President Trump’s campaign for the presidency, the FBI was in the process of exfiltration of Trump’s colluding associates like former campaign Chairman Paul Manafort,

Once Trump started polling at 50%, there were dramatic leaks of information of him colluding with Russia; leads that (correctly) turned out to be fabricated.

This was just beginning to be discovered. But the most important event was still to come.

Only two months after a foolish Summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, there was a report in the Washington Post that the Russians were compiling a dossier of memos on President Trump that they were going to sell to the government of a friendly foreign country.

This was a stunning revelation, as Trump had not once come close to having personal relations with Putin.

But if he was going to have any contact at all with Russia and had possibly secret liaisons, the best, safest way to do that was to constantly follow his every move.

The target of our attentions was Donald Trump.

Then came the release of the Steele Dossier on 1 November 2016, a dossier that the FBI had in their possession, in its entirety, for 14 months. They had taken the time to build it and to vet it.

According to the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations’ Report, their mission was to dig around, to look at every connection with Russia and find any actual malefactors.

After its release, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein acknowledged that there were legitimate questions about the validity of the dossier, and told NBC News, “We never saw [the material] until the court was announced. So those were, you know, carefully vetted documents.”

Months later, after a public hearing, Chairman Richard Burr told the Senate that the FBI had undertaken a limited review of the dossier and that “of the items that the FBI thought warranted an inquiry, they were always followed up on and by the end of that hearing that’s when I indicated there were no objections to their undertaking a more thorough review”.

And that is exactly what they did.

Well, in addition to building the relevant sections of the dossier that it acquired over the summer, the FBI also began building their own collection of digital evidence on Trump.

To do this, they built the following:

1) a civil list of members of Trump’s 2016 campaign;

2) a host of web-based surveillance information provided by Freedom of Information Act requesters;

3) spy planes:


J Street


the Institute for International Education


Tea Party Patriots

Renew Blue

NJ-24 (this includes Susan Lesher’s email address)


Members of the Trump campaign identified by names on these lists were followed closely and logged by bureau employees.

For several weeks, I continued to receive these emails.

One being from a woman named Erin.

In early March, I received an email from her titled, “Justin McCarthy’s Black Lives Matter profusely approved text to Angela Corey.”

In other words, former Assistant Director Justin McCarthy had, via text, sent an unreleased intelligence dossier to South Carolina State Attorney Angela Corey, the special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case.

The recipient was not real, so I alerted the United States Postal Inspection Service.

In the summer, I began to get a shocking series of emails from unknown sources.

One of them was from Erin.

Erin’s email began by stating that she wanted to answer a question that I had written for the Daily Caller.

How is it that CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times completely ignored the story that the FBI was hunting down

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