Monday, October 11, 2021

Waterhouse says civil rights activists are finally getting time to fight for clean water

Waterhouse’s struggle to protect Clean Water Act air quality standards reflects an ongoing political polarization over clean water pollution.

Carlton Waterhouse sometimes gets harassed. This time, Waterhouse, an activist and lawyer who’s suing the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington for failing to protect air quality standards, says he’s getting called a racist and harassed on the street.

It’s part of a storm of discontent with the EPA that also includes violent protests, a congressmen resigning, President Trump declaring that climate change isn’t a hoax, and 2018 gubernatorial races. Some of the concerns have fueled a culture war between the two political parties, with the conservative movement increasingly trying to overturn decades of EPA civil rights policy on the federal court. Waterhouse, a constitutional attorney in the District, is trying to turn that rhetoric into a real fight.

“People are using these political grievances and personal grievances to deny science,” he says. “This directly impacts communities of color like mine.”

Cross-posted from The Washington Post

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