Monday, October 11, 2021

Wall Street firms accused of trying to bully Googler who owns Underwear Rat

The online social group Reddit prides itself on its community of “cabal”-like members who collaborate on a variety of subjects, from homework questions to recommending items in various stores. Some of these communities have made their proponents rich and famous. But some groups have engaged in destructive, sometimes borderline violent activities.

Now, two major Wall Street firms are being accused of participating in an attack by members of Reddit’s “CREDOMouse” subcommunity on another group, “Underwear Rat,” which has been documented by photographers on the scene, in a Tumblr post by Reddit user sixashig. You can view that post in the video above, but for an overview, click here.

According to a media advisory issued by Underwear Rat, Dealbook has learned that two separate Wall Street firms — Credit Suisse Group AG and Veronis Suhler Stevenson Inc., or VSS — were involved in provoking the CREDOMouse group to make threats against Underwear Rat.

This battle is related to a rumored sale of video game retailer GameStop’s (NYSE: GME) “e-commerce” arm, which includes the website. GameStop sold the subsidiary for $950 million earlier this year, but the purchase price does not include the assumption of $50 million in debt.

According to Underwear Rat, members of the CREDOMouse group have threatened the life of Underwear Rat founder Jason Rohrbough. Rohrbough had participated in several videos designed to market Underwear Rat’s shopping advice (and turned down numerous offers to continue doing so), until CREDOMouse erupted in a hate campaign.

Financial terms of the CREDOMouse assault have not been disclosed. But that may be small consolation to Rohrbough, whose crew has reportedly spent months gathering information on, and building databases of, all of Underwear Rat’s sites.

Unfortunately for Rohrbough, while the credit risk that he’s taken is ultimately a concern of lenders who lend to Underwear Rat, the interest rate on his loans has soared since the fight broke out.

Underwear Rat is one of the more prominent sites within the secretive onion subcommunity of Reddit. Rohrbough created the site to provide the consumer community with ratings of a range of clothes marketed on the high street and online. The site gives clothing and accessories a number, from one (best) to five (worst).

Rohrbough, born in 1982, grew up in South Carolina. During college, he worked in the construction industry. In 2013, he found success in the social media sector by hosting a series of television segments featuring people like himself — people who had excelled in their chosen fields, but have found it difficult to create an enduring career.

The videos, created to be “sexy,” attract millions of views.

Rohrbough operates an eight-person team. The money they make through video production is used to pay for the servers that store information on all of the Underwear Rat sites.

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