Monday, October 11, 2021

The ‘Sam’ hurricane is on track to begin a close brush with North Carolina

The calm before Hurricane Sam in the Atlantic, which has a meteorological name but is known by the names of Msgr. Sam McBride, Sam McBride Brigitte, and Sam MacBride.

Conditions right now:

If it’s morning before the storm has an all-clear signal and will be moving over open water, that means the storm doesn’t pose a risk to land. Current odds for a full-blown landfall: 100 percent.

The most recent advisory from the National Hurricane Center at 11 p.m. Tuesday, which shows the active hurricane season heating up to a major hurricane:

Hurricane Sam was named a hurricane early Monday. Sam is the 12th named storm of the season and the second to join the Atlantic’s “Diablo” list. This list will drop to 10 after this weekend, and then nine after Jan. 1.

As of early Tuesday evening, the official U.S. Hurricane Center list lists Hurricane Sam as an Ef-A; nothing more and nothing less. The National Hurricane Center website includes a description of how a named storm works.

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