Monday, October 11, 2021

Sure Hillary Clinton Will Win The 2020 Election If Dem Party Continues To Run This Poisonous Sh*t Train

My fear is they are about to do a Bill Borosage once called “a knee-jerk reflex of the political class” where anything or nothing good will ever get done.

What we have is a rigged process that makes Congress look like everyone cares more about money, media/special interest money and banks than they do about more Americans being on the paychecks of their children.

Democrats are now willing to take a lot of heat from their big labor employers who are now even more concerned about getting nothing done. Only the government worker unions like Unite Here and the NRA are having any success at this point.

The government workers unions oppose any changes to the current system of the unions being the sole industry super-patronage cartel while the NRA is too late or too unwilling to say “enough is enough”.

The “gaming” of the system has now resulted in government worker unions being paid by the government to protect the employers who continue to run the corrupt system. By paying the union, the employer company gets to have a free throw if it makes a mistake.

The Democrats, the unions and the media are so entrenched in this system that if you succeed at reforming the current system you will face tremendous political backlash. It is a system designed for political self-interest by politicians and the politically powerful people who profit from it.

If the Democrats can govern the Republican Congress as Republicans in Congress have been controlled by Democrats, then the Republicans will have the power to reform it. If the Democrats in Congress can’t govern and can’t reform the present government worker system, then they will suffer a bigger electoral backlash than Trump is going to suffer and there will be a second term for Trump.

If the Democrats don’t get the guts to make changes to the current system, then they will be lucky if they can even have voter registration be able to cross lines. A challenge in an election, short of voter fraud, would be difficult to overcome because of the partisan extreme nature of the current structure of “cards” while fighting to remove the partisan craziness inherent in that system would be impossible.

So we are back to Joe Biden, the middle-aged ‘bimbo’ fathered by trial lawyers and born to a family of political and government workers, and we are back to the same old tired compromise people who wish to do nothing and will take glee in watching a sinner lose his office and his country.

There are now absolutely no political rationales for political survival in Washington, D.C.

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