Monday, October 11, 2021

Sorry, but a perfect public toilet (and why we should shower less)

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In honor of World Toilet Day, The Washington Post examines the appeal of the perfect public toilet.

“I made a dirty mirror out of a trashcan lid and put my toilet seat down. My mother showed up to help me with the T-shirt.”

There is no doubt that a clean toilet speaks to a person’s cleanliness and I fear that, in our busy, overscheduled, self-obsessed lives, this kind of behavior will soon vanish forever.

That is why I applaud my colleague Tim Carman for cranking up the podcast “Clean My House” to 11 this week and digging into what could be behind one of the most magical wonders in clean-living.

Our daily focus here at New York Magazine is why we should clean our homes, how to build one and why it is a good idea to take a break from cleaning to go on a vacation.

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