Monday, October 11, 2021

Ooh, that ruffled Thinsulate turtleneck was actually my favorite thing I’ve worn all year.

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I occasionally wear a turtleneck.

OK, maybe not all the time. I like my shirts from the more relaxed, casual side of the corduroy spectrum, especially because it’s hot, so I like shirts that stay shirtless at the D.C. Metro and my commute to work. Turtlenecks exist. You can find them. I found them at Isamu Noguchi for a cool $220, but not anymore. That’s no way to make a living designing things, but $220 is still pretty sweet. The design, however, is surprisingly handsome and it looks a little bit like that physicist Stonehand. It also serves as a reminder not to mix habitues, lest one get bling-ready.

I recently bought a Philosophy turtleneck sweater from Anthropologie for $160. It’s not a turtleneck, I know. Its texture is more square neck than waist, so I’ll be wearing it as a top or trench. (It might be best as either.) I still thought about that turtleneck over my month in Morocco that just ended. And that was wearing my button down. In fact, I never spent any time in the city in any sweater. My favorite tops, and that might be the truth, are the ones that take you out of Washington, D.C. and into a place with little to no fashion standards.

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