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Mothers pick up stranger, put his shirt back on, take him for a ride in Orlando

Hours before an arrest warrant was issued for Brian Laundrie on child pornography charges and Florida authorities tried to track him down, his parents followed a stranger onto an Orlando highway.

On Friday morning, Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg tweeted a description of the poster of James and Pat Laundrie and the vehicle they were driving, alerting the public to help authorities find the wanted suspect. The Laundries were “traveling on U.S. 13,” he tweeted, “Sailor of the day?”

The Laundries are riding through #Orlando, will allow us to get a look at their vehicle. Sailor of the day?

At 10:32 am today, we will be looking for: — Dave Aronberg (@PGORECO) May 31, 2018

Less than an hour later, a Florida state trooper in white patrol car saw the pair’s SUV and pulled the car over on the U.S. 441 toll road in Leesburg, Florida.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that the Trooper, Paul Tracy, pulled over the Laundries for an unspecified minor traffic violation, but quickly discovered the discrepancy between the car’s plate and what he had registered as the car’s owner. During the incident, Tracy reportedly got the shirt off of his back.

“It took me about an hour, maybe hour and a half,” Tracy told the paper. “I’m usually really quick. I like to get in trouble. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get in trouble. I was happy I got in trouble. It is not easy to make out change.”

The trooper told the Tampa Bay Times that the Laundries, who didn’t have other passengers with them, told him that the Laundries were headed to Orlando. The trooper’s report of the incident stated that when he asked them to step out of the car, the husband responded with a “C’mon you pig!” and the wife said, “Let the pig by!”

But with the Laundries still driving, Tracy told WFTV that the trooper found a slew of items under the front seat of the car that had been discarded after the husband “lost” his wife.

“They were actually throwing stuff out of the car to hide the drugs and the clothes because they did lose her,” Tracy said. “They were just ready to leave.”

The Laundries were then interviewed by the state trooper. They claimed they weren’t aware their son, Brian Laundrie, was wanted on sexual-abuse charges and fled because of the possibility of extradition.

“They still had the lawyer with them,” Tracy said. “They did not act to cooperate, since we informed them they had to turn him over at our discretion.”

There is no indication that the Florida State Attorney David Aronberg has yet planned to prosecute the Laundries for their actions.

Read more at The Tampa Bay Times.


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