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Missing Gabrielle Petito laid to rest on Turks and Caicos

Image copyright ITV Image caption Dog the Bounty Hunter (left) will help search for Gabrielle on the island

Gabrielle Petito, who went missing on the island of Providenciales, where she was filming a reality show, will be laid to rest on the island on Wednesday.

Her fiance, Michael Tyree, still has not been found – two weeks after he was declared missing.

Local taxi driver Vianey Sobrita, who discovered the pair the day they went missing, went missing himself.

He was found dead on Tuesday after car thieves took a risk and attacked him.

Gabrielle and Mr Tyree, from Belfast, first went missing on 10 August. On the same day, a team of US reality TV stars were searching for Mr Tyree in the area.

Gabrielle Petito, from Belfast, first went missing on 10 August

Speaking to the BBC from her home on Providenciales, her father David Petito said: “It’s not going to be a funeral, but when the funeral happens, that’s when she will be buried in the church.”

Mr Petito added that police wanted to broadcast a “strong message to the whole world and to everyone on the island” about the discovery of Mr Sobrita’s body, after his personal information was stolen in a similar way.

“I’m just devastated, I can’t get my head around it,” he said.

“Police won’t be taking up the obvious mistake [to date], they will be changing that around to make it the warning, in case of this happening again, to warn people as much as possible.”

Image copyright PA Image caption Gabrielle Petito’s father said police would “change the worst mistake” and warn people

A spokesperson for Channel 5’s Dog the Bounty Hunter confirmed that Duane Chapman would be travelling to the island for the funeral of his friend, Mr Tyree.

Police said they were now supporting a search for Mr Tyree and Mr Petito’s family.

They are said to be hoping that he might be in the bush on a remote island, hidden from sight.

Local businessman Peter Margriman, who found Mr Tyree on 9 August, said he “smelled something like they were camping in the bushes”.

Image copyright Facebook Image caption Michael Tyree, from Belfast, went missing while on location for Channel 5 reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter

Mr Margriman discovered there were no car tracks nearby and the pair had left their camping gear and wallet in the US were they were supposed to be.

All he could see were fur coats.

Mr Tyree was with Ms Petito for two days, the last being on 8 August.

Image copyright Picturehouse

Ms Petito’s family is currently staying in Boracay island and they are due to return to Providenciales on Friday to prepare their house for the funeral.

They have set up a family home, including a space for friends and a prayer garden, which she was known to visit.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to aid her family.

The family of local taxi driver Vianey Sobrita, who has been missing since being attacked and kidnapped, has said they were grateful for their friend’s kindness towards them.

Image copyright Picturehouse Image caption The local family, friends and community will pray at a prayer garden Gabrielle visited regularly

He has named each of his three children after characters from The Princess Bride, its 1987 film adaptation.

Efforts to track them down, including placing online billboards, had yielded no results until this week.

It is believed they have now been found dead.

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Additional information

· Gabrielle Petito grew up in Belfast, was a singer-songwriter and did a number of singing shows, including the Scottish Opera.

· The pair were filmed for a reality show called Dog the Bounty Hunter.

· They were filming in the area when they went missing, on the same day that the TV show’s stars came to film a rescue mission in the area.

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