Monday, October 11, 2021

Life has changed for A-Rod since his new girlfriend Ben Affleck reunited with Jennifer Lopez

Former MLB star Alex Rodriguez will make his first visit to Washington this coming week to promote a science-inspired coffee line called A-Rod.

Sneak peeks from recent appearances reveal that we’ll see A-Rod trying to convince the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein and Vox’s Matt Yglesias to wear his NYLON underwear, a line dedicated to clean, sustainable living.

But here’s the thing—because Jennifer Lopez’s husband, Ben Affleck, and his new girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, just announced a tour, we’re all seeing A-Rod’s reaction to this big news in a whole new light. If he’s still “obsessed” with Jennifer, he won’t be good at executing that SVU trick, like when he surprises his former mistresses by asking them to meet him for dinner as well as the night on television.

“It’s hard to compartmentalize but I need to. I’m going to,” A-Rod said last week. “I’m going to be focused on the album, A-Rod, I promise. That’s the thing. I don’t care about the other stuff. So when I have time, I’m going to go out. But I care about everything else.”

After all the years, and all the attention, A-Rod’s love life has been on display, and he still has trouble looking away from his ex, even in the face of new romance.

You see, ever since his relationship with Lopez went public, A-Rod has been the object of unending media fascination. But things have changed since Jennifer’s divorce from Affleck in June of 2015. It’s been three years since the couple separated and almost two years since Ben and Jennifer reportedly reconciled. Just over a month ago, they announced a post-split rekindling of their 10-year romance. It’s all so confusing, but as of late, A-Rod’s selfie levels have suddenly gone through the roof.

Today in celebrity NIFYs: Alex Rodriguez is on a breakfast roll with some close friends at CHIPOTLE. Also photographed: Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, and Magic Johnson. — Seth Fiegerman (@sfiegerman) December 13, 2018

Before his press appearance, he chose to borrow a meme he first joined in 2010 when he announced his engagement to Lopez. Rodriguez captioned an Instagram video with the simple caption: “Are you ready?”

Though it’s easy to be suspicious of such a serious gesture—especially when a photo of Affleck—as the band will prove Monday night, A-Rod has often been more laid-back than he appears in public. And, yes, just because he’s presumably serious about his new girlfriend and the hope of his coffee line reaching “the next 10 million customers” doesn’t mean he’s not secretly on Perez Hilton’s murder list. He is, after all, 42.

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