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‘Kissed me on the lips’: Drake Bell stands by girlfriend’s sexual battery lawsuit

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Drake Bell is standing by his new bae, Diplo.

The singer and producer, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, is being sued by his ex-girlfriend for sexual battery and negligent infliction of emotional distress, according to court documents obtained by CNN on Friday.

This is not Pentz’s first brush with sexual assault allegations, with multiple women sharing their stories online this year.

The musician dated Bell in 2012 and 2013, the singer told People , who claimed Pentz “fatally seduced” Bell.

“He basically bought me a house, lived with me and sh** on me,” Bell told People. “I would get kicked out of the house and, three days later, he would be back there with an umbrella in his hand and smiling at me with a garden hose because he cleaned the counters and destroyed the house.”

This isn’t the first time Pentz has had to answer for what former partners claim he did to them.

Earlier this year, a 25-year-old woman claimed in a BuzzFeed article that he gave her herpes. The woman, who is not named, went on to accuse Pentz of sexually assaulting her and dragging her by her hair through the streets of New York after a night of drinking. Pentz allegedly instructed her to lie and deny she was raped, telling her to only “f*** like men because women screw like women.”

Despite her allegations, Pentz has maintained his innocence.

“I understand that it might feel odd to see me with someone else, but I can’t change the past, but I can change the future,” he wrote on Twitter , addressing his relationship with Bell. “Whether someone likes me or not, they deserve the truth.”

He said, “It feels like a twist on the truth; but all we really have is ourselves and what we choose to put out there.”

Despite that, Bell still stands by his new love, who he says is in a “fucking mad love relationship.”

“I’m telling the truth right here and the truth remains,” Pentz wrote. “She’s my s***, I don’t care what anyone says.”

In her complaint filed Wednesday in a Florida court, a 31-year-old woman named Heather N. Gottleib alleges that in November of 2016 Pentz assaulted her by groping her breast without consent, putting his hand down her pants, and sending her a sexually suggestive text message while she was with a business associate.

The complaint states that Pentz had “initiated contact in an attempted kiss” and subsequently tried to “grant consent.” She wrote, “He persisted in contact, he continued to gratify his lust, and instead of respecting my boundaries I was even more defenseless.”

The complaint states that Pentz “subjected her to unwanted contact” including multiple trips to his hotel room, an invitation to a radio show, and then a drive to his hotel. When she resisted, the woman claims that she was violently dragged from the vehicle, “driving her down the streets of Palm Beach with her back immobilized.”

The woman states in the complaint that she has experienced physical, emotional, and psychological scars “totaling in excess of $10 million in damages,” including depression, burnout, anxiety, sleep deprivation, hopelessness, PTSD, severe physical pain, and acute nausea.

CNN has reached out to Pentz for comment.

CNN has learned that Diplo recently filed a counterclaim against his former girlfriend for defamation of character.

CNN has also reached out to Bell’s representatives for comment.

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