Monday, October 11, 2021

“I don’t need the aggravation any more”: Angela Merkel Statement

“In February I told you about an extraordinary responsibility that I felt. The immediate and future security of Germany was my concern, my main concern, the part I played in this new German Government. (…) I think that you remember when I declared my intention to leave this place. I think, however, that this is an objective decision. That I have decided now. I am ready to resign … As a member of this place, I am interested in the direction that we choose. This country – a country that is my country, a country that I am a bit attached to and that I greatly feel proud of – I have decided that I am leaving. My responsibility is that of a neighbour and a friend.”

-Chancellor Angela Merkel

Merkel added that she will try and retire from politics when she is 79 years old.

“Now I can look for a new life. I will make some preparations for my last day at the Chancellery and I’ll prepare things in order that I am ready for that. I’ll try to be myself in an ideal and tranquil life after politics.”

-Chancellor Angela Merkel

Merkel, the former leader of the Christian Democratic Union party, said she’s fallen down on the job with some members in the right-wing government coalition who formed the Government last year, particularly over the last year. She went on to say that she was quitting to care for her husband.

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