Monday, October 11, 2021

How is the outside world responding to Nicaragua?

CNN International’s Jim Roberts took a trip to Nicaragua to visit the capital Managua, to meet with the people who helped bring to power Daniel Ortega’s re-election as president.

The campaign kicked off at the time of Sean Hannity’s visit to the country.

“We went to all of the candidates,” said the visiting journalist. “You hear a lot about intimidation and some of the violence in the political background. What exactly are the candidates saying to win the support of the people? Because you can’t just predict because it really depends on which route they choose to campaign.”

Many of the candidates believe they will be able to win the support of the people by advancing their key issues of poverty and poverty eradication, especially the type of addressing victims of internal displacement and human rights. Others, however, are targeting families that have benefitted from Ortega’s policies.

Nicaragua ranks number one in the western hemisphere for numbers of immigrants. This is a problem that has many Nicaraguans feeling less safe.

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