Monday, October 11, 2021

FOX News’ Todd Starnes: Former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell Was Called The President In Chief Of Corruption

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Former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell was found guilty Friday of felony corruption and offering gifts to save himself. Just like all politicians, he allegedly delivered campaign cash, golf outings and a Rolex. Then he had to pay the price and move on.

Fox News host Todd Starnes visited The Hollywood Gossip’s Summer Conference 2018 with host Lisa Shaw to talk about Trump’s first years in office and cast a bit of light on former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell, who’s been called The Trump Prez in Chief of Corruption.

Todd called Robert and his wife, Maureen, modern day love birds. According to the former Virginia Governor, he gave Maureen a dollar and a day of use of a Ferrari, and the car went unused for 10 years. It is alleged that the former first lady wasn’t happy about it, so he switched it to a Bentley. Perhaps he should have known that she would seize every opportunity to hide her ill-gotten gains.

Todd says once she found out about it, she filed for bankruptcy just as the drug stories, the $70,000 clothing wardrobe that embarrassed him and the $175,000 Rolex watch mounted.

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