Monday, October 11, 2021

Financial Fraud: College Admissions Scandal

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I’m Anna Claire Vollers.

This past week, our network of local and national reporters reported how Lori Nelson and Cheryl Burke are key to a college admissions scandal involving a former CEO of the private test-prep outfit Global Test Prep.

Nelson and Burke – along with 17 others — were charged by federal prosecutors.

Nelson, who is the daughter of the CEO, Lori Rodgers, taught specific test prep courses with Burke and a few other people to help the CEO help beat the college admission process for his and some others.

The criminal complaint detailed how Brown College hired five people to help applicants with the SAT and ACT. One of those people was Lori Rodgers, the CEO of the test-prep outfit Global Test Prep.

She’s in charge of the curriculum and grading for the courses on the list of college prep companies.

According to the criminal complaint, Brown noticed changes in the scores of students taking the exam after the testing company hired people to tutor them.

Court documents say the coach supervised the cheating through the practice sessions and that the coaches, in turn, instructed the students to use test-takers who weren’t supposed to take the test.

This practice would allow the coach to be able to count the scores of other people, who took the test for the students — but he didn’t have to be hired by the applicants. He didn’t even have to know that person who would take the test.

The lawyers for Rodgers explained the claim, “In this case, I believe she has done nothing wrong.”

They went on to say, “She was certainly aware that people were hired and paid to give tips to kids and help them and said if someone needed help … they certainly had access to her.”

The federal complaint also revealed the SATs at one point were $15,000 a pop.

As a result of the investigation and charges against the defendants, all three exams have been suspended for the time being at this writing.

Brown Vice President of Communications and Marketing Marcela Paz told Fox 8 News it is policy to not comment on personnel matters.

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