Monday, October 11, 2021

Democrats call on Republicans to stop a threat to voters

Democrats National Committee Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after Pennsylvania Republican Party chairman Val DiGiorgio announced his party’s plans to subpoena voter lists to determine whether voters exist or vote.

“Representative Val DiGiorgio’s statement is outrageous and wrong on so many levels. In his own state he should know, voter suppression is about making it harder to cast a ballot – not establishing a single legitimate eligible voter who doesn’t exist.

“This is nothing more than Jim Crow-era tactics, but we’re already seeing the national Republican Party try to play to that same racist base under Trump. Congressman Val DiGiorgio is not playing by the same rules, and we should stay vigilant to stop the national Republican Party from trying to steal the election. That’s what this desperate Republican Party is all about – and it’s up to Democrats to hold them accountable.”

According to CNN, Val DiGiorgio announced his plans to subpoena millions of voter lists.

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