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Big boxy bottles and a lemon-sweet label: Why do people hate Mondelez’s ‘Lemonade’?

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Written by By Michael Evans, CNN

When a bar’s packaging is sickly sweet, red — and smells like a smashed jar of marshmallows — the odds are you might expect it to be sweet too.

But that isn’t the case with a new “Lemonade” product being sold by Mondelez, the maker of Oreo cookies and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

The marsala-flavored candy has its own on-trend label: a seemingly tinted-blood tone bottle to go along with a red lid and red cups and rims.

Mondelez has branded its lemonade “Lemonade.” Credit:

If you look closely, you can see strips of whiteboard paint on the side of the jug — purple, dabs of a still-color, blue paint, even one clear gloss color splotch.

Mondelez has fought back, claiming that the packaging should be described as “derivative” rather than “very similar.”

And the company has been supported by a range of online consumers, many of whom are calling on the boarding company to withdraw the product from sale — with the hashtag #LemonadeIsNothingButTooSweet trending heavily on Twitter.

“What the hell was behind the scenes at Mondelez? How did this shape up? I don’t think the product we should sell is kitschy and non-threatening — I think that should be the message, not a “unique color” or a vague notion of what they consider is sweet. The last thing the sweet craving market needs is another competitor with plain, unoriginal lemonade,” wrote Alisha Maloney in a blog post.

She added: “Sure, the companies behind ‘Lemonade’ may have spent thousands of dollars making the packaging, but they may have lost hundreds of thousands on their initial investment,” due to the amount of time and work it took to create the packaging.

So why does Mondelez think its lemonade must be renamed?

“A consumer can see things that aren’t there. It’s as simple as that,” a Mondelez spokeswoman told the BBC. “If a product is drawing the attention of consumers, then we want to be sure it’s not something similar or confusing to our product.”

An attorney for Mondelez wasn’t immediately available for comment to CNN when contacted by email on Wednesday.

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